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The bibliography covers the collapse of Czechoslovak communism within Central European and global contexts. It contains a selection of books, edited volumes, and articles in edited volumes and journals published in (1989) 1990 to 2008. Daily and weekly periodicals are not included.

The list covers a range of opposition activities on one hand, and politics of repression in the former Eastern Bloc on the other. Chronologically, the bibliography goes occasionally beyond the 1980s, since the second wave of opposition began to form as early as the 1960s. Thematically, the bibliography was narrowed down to following subjects:

Charter 77 – its activity within Dissent and its international reception
Samizdat – its importance in the period
Exile – not covered
Dissent – limited to the 1980s where possible
Normalization – main characteristics
Secret police, StB, Stasi etc. – legislation, activities

1989 – practically complete
1990 to 1992 - practically complete
1993 to present - evaluations, analyses

From the databases of the Institute for Contemporary History selected by Věra Břeňová.

March 31, 2009.